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Andrea-Maria Reiser
„beloved colours “

It's our job to help you to assert your rights!

We do go to a lot of trouble to offer legal assistance to our clients but also,
with all our knowledge and experience, to protect their interests.
Obviously, a sound professional consultation is of utmost importance,
helping the client in many cases to avoid future conflicts and costly
lawsuits through out-of-court settlements.
If, however, a severe conduct of a case is inevitable, we are very well
prepared and "ready for the fray"!
We look back on many years of experience in numerous legal fields (cf.
Being brothers we make the perfect team,  which proves to be of inestimable
value - especially in more tricky cases, since we are used to cooperating,
exchanging our views and redoubling our efforts.
In special cases we confer with highly qualified experts and colleagues.
One of our strong points is our promptness in handling legal procedures. Yet
this promptness does not impede our accuracy.
Whatever the problem  - however minute it may be - we are prepared to take
time to listen to our clients.
We correspond in German, English and French.