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Our Law Firm - traditional yet Modern

Our law firm was founded by Dr. Anton Dick, the father of the present partners and owners Dr. Norman Dick and Dr. Michael Dyck.

After the completion of his legal education at the law firm of Dr. Rolf Trummer in Graz - his father-in-law, Dr. Anton Dick decided to move to Salzburg in 1948 to open his own law office.

Since 1954 our office is located in the city centre of Salzburg facing the river Salzach.

We are one of the oldest privately held law firms in Salzburg. Today our clients are renowned international companies as well as private individuals.

Dr. Norman Dick began his career in 1972. In 1978 he became a partner of the firm.

Dr. Michael Dyck has been working at the law firm since 1980 and became a partner in 1985 shortly after the founder Dr. Anton Dick retired in 1984.

Dick or Dyck?

Despite the different spelling of their names, Dr. Norman Dick and Dr. Michael Dyck are brothers. Dr. Michael Dyck decided a few years ago to adopt the historic spelling of their surname which evolved from Dyck via Dueck to Dick.